Coated Textiles

Shreeji has been at the forefront in providing innovative materials to its customers. We have developed a wide range of coated fabrics that can be used in a variety of industries. All coating applications on fabrics are maintained under high quality international standards.

Coating Capabilities Applications
Scatter Coating Fusible Interlinings for Leather Products
Dot Coating Oily Leather Products
PU Coating Waterproof Fabrics, Safety Footwear

Fusible Interlinings / Reinforcement Fabrics

The interlinings are an essential reinforcement that adds value to the leather products like footwear, handbags, apparel in terms of its appeal and durability. Our interlinigs are produced in various specifications completely depending on the type of leather used in the product (cow, sheep and/or oily, tough, loose). All our interlinings are manufactured under high quality international standards.